Paul Cephus
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His legacy
He was there...(told by Paula)  
I always recall the time when I wanted my daddy to speak about his career as a physician's assistant to a group of students when I was attending T.S.U. I was so proud of him and his intelligence...I thought he was the most handsome and smartest daddy around! And he was! He didn't let me down. He came to the event and spoke so eloquently, I was grinning from ear to ear, especially when my mentor, Mrs. Scantlebury, gave her accolades. She and my fellow students were impressed. My daddy drove a Buick Regal at the time and Mrs. Scantlebury said, "No wonder! Men of distinction drive a Buick!" She was very saddened by his death when I told her about it several years later after our reconnection. My daddy was always around, even when we didn't want him to be. We couldn't skip school because we never knew when we'd see his face looking through the door for one of our classrooms to make sure we were sitting there. I remember sleeping longer than he thought I should so he came into my room and opened my eyes with his fingers to make sure my pupils were not dilated from using drugs! But, most of all, he was there when we needed him. I began having dreams about him the night after his death. In the dream, he and I were sitting at the table, talking. Suddenly, he got up and told me he was going to bed. He walked away, went to his room, and closed the door. I got up and went after him, saying, "Wait, daddy, I want to talk to you some more!" But, as I got closer to his bedroom door, I saw that his bedroom light was turned off and he had already gone to bed. I always took this as his last goodbye to me. Ever since then, I would always dream about him and in each dream, he was taking care of me in one way or another. Those dreams brought me great comfort. Now, I don't dream about him as often as I used to. Maybe he's trying to tell me I'm finally accepting his passing a little better and don't need his comfort as much as I used to. Whatever the case may be, I am comforted now more than ever, by those memories he left behind. But, I still miss him...
That man, Paul Cephus  
Our daddy, Paul Cephus, was one of a kind. Our maternal grandfather, Levi Sansom, told our mother long before it came to pass that he was a great man. He told her that she and our daddy would together raise fine children who would ALL do their parents proud. He was so right. We used to think our daddy was so tough on us, and he was. We didn't get away with doing anything wrong. He and our mother were united in raising their children, never allowing any one of their children to play one over the other; i.e, we could not ask one for permission to do a certain thing without the other asking, "Well, what did your daddy say?" or "What did your mother say?". I recall the story mother told when daddy went out on duty for a period of time and Randall told mother, "Well, daddy's gone so you can do what you want to do and I can do what I want to do!" LOL! Well, mother said, "No, we're going to continue living as though your daddy is still here." This is pretty much how we are living now...continuing to live as if our daddy is still here. His teachings have been instilled in us in such a way that we remember all that he has taught us as a father. We still miss him greatly, always hearing him whispering in our ears, and always knowing he is keeping his eyes on all of us. Our daddy....such a great man, never to be duplicated.
That Man, Paul Cephus  
Our daddy, Paul Cephus, instilled morals into us.  He made sure we all knew right from wrong.  He was a strict disciplinarian, but he was also loving.  He had a sense of humor that will be remembered always.  He made sure we held his wife, our mother, in the utmost respect.   He was always there to lend a helping hand.  Daddy would try to keep his gifts and help given to others a secret, as he did not broadcast his help; however, the receiver of the gift would often tell others of the things Paul did.   All his family members remember him as the loving man he was when he walked this earth.  He has many named after him, including daughter Paula Ali, nephew Paul Lawson, niece Pauletha Amos, grandson Paul Barboa, grandson Victor Samuel Paul Ali, and granddaughter Paulette (Gabby) Ali.  You see, his name rings on and on.  We miss you, daddy.  Love, Gloria, Cheryl, Randall, Charles, Paula, and Corey
Dad-From all of the Cephus Children  
                  My Dad is strong in character.
       When times may test his faith, he stays
   Steadfast and sturdy, trusting in God's grace.

                My dad is wise and caring,
      Strong but gentle, too; and there's
Nothing like God's blessing of an earthly father,
                               by T. Tilley

Written to wife Vera from Paul Cephus  

In the Year of 1937,  a lovely lady was sent from Heaven, to be with me eternally, and help me prepare for eternity.
                                Love Always,

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